Sanga Ngadhen Thekchok Sumgoen Lhakhang

GG28+88H, Dorji Tse, Trongsa, Trongsa, Bhutan
Buddhist temple

Sanga Ngadhen Thekchok Sumgoen Lhakhang is a buddhist temple located in Trongsa, Bhutan. The average rating of this place is 5.00 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews. The street address of this place is GG28+88H, Dorji Tse, Trongsa, Trongsa, Bhutan. It is about 0.52 kilometers away from the Trongsa Town.

User Reviews

5 Sorwa Bhutan Travels - 3 years ago

Sanga Ngadhen Thekchok Sumgoen Lhakhang, built at the place where Guru Rinpoche rested, seated on the rock (still there) facing towards Jowo Durshing (Black mountain) on his way to Bumthang, invited by Chakhar gyalp Sindhu Raja.

The oracle of Damchen Dorji Lekpa, one of the most important protective deities of the Nyingma School of Buddhism founded by Guru Rinpoche predicted the spot and prophesied for the construction of temple.

There are three temples.
1/ Kuenzang Yab Yum Lhakhang
2/ Khorsum Mardhog Lhakhang
3/ Dremid Kuendhen Chorten

5 Neykor with SONAM - a year ago

The majestic place of prophecy... Just being there makes peace, happiness and calmness. The temple itself being built right on the cross point of double Dorji (Vajra).

5 Sonam Jatsho - 3 years ago

It's a magical to be in this place. Loved it's story how it was build. I am glad I was there when things were happening..

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