Simply Bhutan

FJCJ+HFH, Genyen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan
Heritage museum Tourist attraction

Simply Bhutan is a heritage museum and tourist attraction located in Thimphu, Bhutan. The average rating of this place is 4.40 out of 5 stars based on 691 reviews. The street address of this place is FJCJ+HFH, Genyen Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan. It is about 2.11 kilometers away from the Buddha Dordenma Statue སྟོན་པ་རྡོར་གདན་མ།. Simply Bhutan is open seven days a week from 09:00am to 05:00pm.

Simply Bhutan's timetable
Monday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sunday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
User Reviews

5 Pranav Prabhu - 11 months ago

Must Visit place for tourists to understand the Bhutanese Culture, it's a living museum where they have interactive display of the heritage. Even the food served here was delicious and had a good spread.

5 Sonu Gupta - 10 months ago

A private museum, but lot of ancient things preserved. Local music and dance show is good. House building process with singing.
One can try Archery as well.

5 Kumba Dorjee (katsumaro) - a year ago

If you want to learn more about the Bhutanese culture and lifestyle the its the right place to visit if you in Thimphu. They provide all Bhutanese cuisine and you can see all things displayed that are used in those olden days. Worth to visit if you learn more about Bhutanese culture and life style.

5 Nalin Shah - 3 years ago

Must visit place once while in Bhutan. It is a very lively place. For groups the administration assigns a guide who explains all the places with some commentary. The visitors also get a chance to taste some wine made out of rice. All in all a good place to spend time u0026 learn some history about Bhutan.

5 Laxmikant Bhutada - 2 years ago

Nice place. IN short time one can get introduction to Bhutan culture. Very experienced and proficient staff with proficiency in Hindi. Butter tea and rice wine is worth experiencing. I think all who are visiting Bhutan must visit. It's very close to Thimphu city.

4 Padmashree M. - 2 years ago

One stop to learn quickly about the Bhutanese culture, old n new lifestyle, cuisine, folklore and so on. They welcome you with typical beverage fermented rice wine. It was an awesome experience of tasting Butter Tea. Bhutanese meal is also available inside the museum, you can click pics in traditional Kira, could practice archery too. Reasonable entry fee 300, extra charges for meal.

5 Varun thorat - 2 years ago

The best spot to encounter Bhutanese nationality and culture in Thimphu. Friendly and intuitive aides with whom you can share the stage for their conventional move. You can take a stab at bows and arrows as well and in the event that you figure out how to hit pinpoint center, they would play out a war move in festivity. Further, they serve conventional food which tastes great! In the event that you are anticipating an excursion to Bhutan, this is a definitive spot to visit!
On the off chance that you need to get a snappy comprehension of the Bhutan culture, it's previous way of life and expressions then this is a decent spot to go to.
The spot has a couple of shops where antiquities and painstaking work can be bought. Guests are welcomed with an injection of neighborhood arra (rice soul), before being guided through modeled town scenes.

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