Semtokha Dzong སེམས་རྟོགས་ཁ་རྫོང་།

CMQ9+7VH, Thimphu, Bhutan
Fortress Tourist attraction

Semtokha Dzong སེམས་རྟོགས་ཁ་རྫོང་། is a fortress and tourist attraction located in Thimphu, Bhutan. The average rating of this place is 4.50 out of 5 stars based on 336 reviews. The street address of this place is CMQ9+7VH, Thimphu, Bhutan. It is about 1.52 kilometers away from the Buddha Dordenma Statue སྟོན་པ་རྡོར་གདན་མ།. Semtokha Dzong སེམས་རྟོགས་ཁ་རྫོང་། is open seven days a week from 09:00am to 05:00pm.

Semtokha Dzong སེམས་རྟོགས་ཁ་རྫོང་།'s timetable
Monday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Sunday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
User Reviews

5 Sajan Rai - 2 months ago

Semtokha Dzong is one of the oldest Dzong/fortress in the country. It has some antique wall hanging and beautiful wall paintings.

There are many important shrine rooms inside this fortress with a very powerful sacred deities chapple and a antique preserved rooms.

You can feel the peace as you enter the central tower. If you get to sit and chant along with the monks, it would have been a special moment.

4 Anirudh Bainwala - 3 years ago

The oldest Dzong in Bhutan. It's perched on a hill top. Beautiful to behold from the outside.
Inside it's majestic and like most of the other dzongs, has beautiful shrines .
Entrance fee is the usual 300 rupees. Photography not allowed inside the Dzong but you can take pics outside.

4 Mikul's Vlog - 3 years ago

Simtokha Dzong ('dzong' means "castle-monastery") also known as Sangak Zabdhon Phodrang (Bhutanese language meaning: "Palace of the Profound Meaning of Secret Mantras") is a small dzong. It was built in 1629 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal, who unified Bhutan. It is the first of its kind built in Bhutan. An important historical monument and former Buddhist monastery, today it houses one of the premier Dzongkha language learning institutes. It recently underwent renovation.

5 Ashwinee Kumar - 4 years ago

A very place to explore if you reached in thimphu.
It's the oldest dezong or temple in bhutan.
A very place surrounded by the natures beauty.
Everyone will be amazed that it is made of wood and stones in 16th century.
To visit this place , time is 9 am to 5 pm. Everyday of the week.
You can go inside the main temple but there is no photography allowed. So be careful about that.
It is said that it is the first place in bhutan , from where demons are afraid and escaped it and the the initial place for startion of Buddhism in bhutan

5 Arup Saikia - 4 years ago

One of the best and oldest monasteries located at Thimphu. The dzong houses countless statues and paintings of various Buddhas, deities and religious figures including The Eight Manifestations of Guru Rimpoche, Jampelyang the Bodhisattava of Wisdom, Shakya Gyalpo the Buddha of Compassion and many more all carved and painted in exquisite detail.

A must visit place..

4 Sengo TP - 3 years ago

Entry: Free

It's the first Dzong built by Zhabdrung. Here u can find statues of Lord Buddha and Zhabdrung

I liked the Dzong with our guide explaining the history of the Dzong and meaning of various mural paintings.

5 Explore With Sonam Jerry - 8 months ago

Simtokha dzong is an oldest fortress in Bhutan which was built in 1627AD by our great nation unifier zhabdrung nawang namgyal. It was built mainly to unify our country as a one nation under one ruler. It's a beautiful fortress with some many rich history of our country and beautiful architecture design and one interesting thing for me in this fortress is that there is still a room well preserved which was used by our great warrior Desi JIGME namgyal who was a father of our first king. Apart from that there is a big statue of Buddha inside the main hall of temple and recently our government brought a beautiful bronze statue of zhabdrung nawang namgyal from India and it's being displayed for public. Plz do visit this fortress.

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