Taj Tashi

155 Norzin Zur Lam 17 Se, Norzin, Bhutan

Taj Tashi is a hotel located in Norzin, Bhutan. The average rating of this place is 4.50 out of 5 stars based on 381 reviews. The street address of this place is 155 Norzin Zur Lam 17 Se, Norzin, Bhutan. It is about 0.43 kilometers away from the dusitD2 Yarkay Thimphu.

User Reviews

5 Dorji Dukpa - 7 months ago

Taj Tashi is one of the chain hotels of Taj in Bhutan. As the name suggests, it is one of the sister companies of Tashi Group of Company. Dasho Rinpoche is one of the pioneer in developing business enterprises in Bhutan. He started Tashi Group of companies and now it has become one of the biggest companies in Bhutan ranging their businesses from groceries store, Medicals, Hotel, Bank, travel company, Telo, Airlines. Bhutan Airlines and Tcell is the first private company started in Bhutan by Tashi Group.

5 roy meshack Makgale - 4 days ago

Best of the very best. Top class

5 M Nair - 2 years ago

A property with all the hallmarks of a Taj establishment - impeccable standards of service, comfort and dining. Rooms and bathrooms are very spacious and kept warmed. Staff go really out of their way to assist you. Their travel desk and guide services are top notch. The Bhutanese restaurant offers some delicious food, which is not to be missed.

5 Sandhya ar - 5 years ago

This place is awesome and a reflection of the Taj Hotels services. Everything from the warm welcome to our send off was truly world class.

This is one hotel with the most beautiful rooms and views.

The food quality and variety along with pricing, all put together was excellent.

I really liked the complimentary costume dressing they offer for the guests as it is a unique experience.

3 Bhuvendra Singh - 3 years ago

It's a nice hotel in the city centre. Rooms are nice and comfortable. Bathrooms are heated. location is good to move around. There's a street craft bazar outside. The food is basic and they serve beef as well. Keeping in view the large number of Indian tourist visiting Bhutan it's a concern.

5 Mihir Gudhka - a year ago

One of the best hotels I have been to around the world! The hospitality and service is simply amazing. The food is delicious. And place is picturesque.

4 MILAN ZATAKIA - 4 years ago

Lovely property. More than the comforts and luxuries on offer at the Taj Tashi what is most impressive is the superb Service oriented attitude of all the staff at this property. Just conveys what a lovely country Bhutan is. A place is all about people and the Taj Tashi scores wonderfully on this count. Simply amazing!

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